Anyone using my connection

  diesel1948 22:36 15 Nov 06

Is there a simple way to find out if anyone is using my broadband connection away from the property? For instance if my son gave the encryption code to one of his mates nearby. Can I find out? If I put a new code into the router would this stop the intrusion or would the intruder be able to continue to use if they were online when it were changed? Grateful for any advice.

  skidzy 22:50 15 Nov 06

If you change the WEP or WPA encryption code,no one can access your connection unless they hack you (highly unlikely with WPA).The only way they will have access is if you give them the encryption key.

  mammak 22:59 15 Nov 06

Wouldn't imagine you are able to find out if someone was using your connection (but I stand corrected) but if you feel your son might pass on your encryption code then indeed change it and don't allow anyone to have it including your son if that is what it will take to insure a safe network.

good luck

  Woolwell 23:12 15 Nov 06

I can access my modem/router configuration and find out what DHCP clients have been allocated and who to. This only tells you what is active at that time.

If you are worried about access then I suggest you change the password as skidzy has stated.

  rsinbad 23:16 15 Nov 06

Try this freeby will give you audible alarm should someone try to access your network click here

  mammak 23:20 15 Nov 06

Got ya on that, like when I go to my router manager I can like say today see that my young daughters computer was online in the network, but can you tell if someone had accessed like an hour before? would there be any record of that activity on the network?

  Woolwell 19:50 16 Nov 06

Sorry cannot help you any further on that.

  diesel1948 21:49 16 Nov 06

Thanks guys the ISP say that if you change the code it is safe so I have done it. Any of you chaps on Pipex Homecall if so what speeds do you get? I am getting around 3.50 Mbps, but told I should be able to get 5.50 but never seen it.

  mammak 21:55 16 Nov 06

It is good to know you now feel secure in your Network mind dont give that new key to anyone :-)

not on Pipex so can't help sorry.

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