Anyone using Microsoft Live OneCare?

  Cmdr Vimes 18:11 17 May 08

My Norton subscription is about to run out and a friend mentioned this. I did the free system scan and it did find some things Norton had missed. Anyone tried it/using it? Is it any good?

  Cmdr Vimes 18:40 17 May 08

Well, if not can anyone recommend anything?

  J B 19:02 17 May 08

I have been using Live Onecare for about a year now, and have had no problem with it at all. It works as a background service and doesn't slow down the system at all. It does a scan of your system at startup and also updates everyday. There is not much to set up except for your frequency of tune-ups. You can also manage your start up programs as well. If you buy Windows Live onecare it will cost £37.99 and cover 3 computers with the same license. Have a good look and try it out, click here


  brambles 19:11 17 May 08

You can download a free trial from the Microsoft web site I have detailed above. It will probably be for 30 days whilst you make your mind up.

I have used it since it first appeared & am more than happy with it.

Very good at reminding you to - Back Your files Up!1


  birdface 19:12 17 May 08

AVG Anti-Virus.A squared Anti-Spyware.Kerio Firewall.

  birdface 19:14 17 May 08

I should have said better than Norton and Windows One Care.And all free.

  rdave13 19:36 17 May 08

As buteman, use free programs; Comodo firewall, Avast antivirus/spyware, asquared and superantispyware. Spywareblaster as blocker.

  J B 11:30 18 May 08

I just happened to look at your thread again and from the way that it reads you used the Windows Live Safety Scanner which is a free download. If this is the case this scanner is not a substitute for a full Anti-virus program. Having said that, you do download the full Windows Live Onecare program it will include Anti-Virus, Antispyware, Two Way Firewall and all the other utilities that you need for a full Internet Security Program to include a backup facility. Just remember to uninstall Norton before you install the Windows Live Onecare Program. Also use the Norton Removal tool click here


  anskyber 12:43 18 May 08

Yes I use it, just set and forget. If you are an inveterate fiddler then it will not do for you. One Care is designed to let you get on with other things rather than constantly fiddling with settings on security which after all is not meant to be an end in itself but a means to an end.

  freaky 13:39 18 May 08

Been using Live One Care for over a year now and have it on 3-PC's. Anskyber has summed it up well.

Had no problems (touch wood!). It gets on with the job without being too intrusive and does not hog resources. If you have a network of PC's which I have, you can set up one to act as a Hub and WLOC will inform you if one of the other PC's needs attention i.e. definitions out of date, a backup not done, or security updates not downloaded etc. It's very comprehensive including protection against Phishing.

  Cmdr Vimes 13:56 18 May 08

Thank you everyone. My Norton expires tomorrow, so I've got plently of options now.

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