Anyone using 98lite? If you are how's it running?

  Valvegrid 21:51 20 Jul 03

This was discussed nearly a year ago. It should be long enough to get some feedback on how it's working?

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I have put the free version on which has disconnected IE for me, but I would be interested in if it's worth going the whole hog and getting the Pro version.



  leo49 22:02 20 Jul 03

I've got 3 MELite OS's running in various stages of tune and they've been rock solid for a year.The XP I'm using at the moment was installed over the top of a basic MELite installation and it's been problem free.


  Valvegrid 07:01 21 Jul 03

Thanks for your response, not exactly overwhelmed with replies so I can only conclude no one else is using it.


  zanwalk 09:07 21 Jul 03

I believe there are quite a few users in this forum, some like myself use it as part of SPEEDOS, which was a further development by flecc.

It is excellent and well worth buying the full version as it makes W98/ME into a very stable and fast OS.

  Valvegrid 11:29 21 Jul 03

Sounds ideal. I notice it's reasonably priced including the CD. I'll keep the thread open for a while longer.


  leo49 11:41 21 Jul 03

Must be loads of empty space on the CD - it's such a small program it fits on a floppy.Usually you just download it with a supplied code.


  Valvegrid 19:28 21 Jul 03

for your feedback, as there is very little info from anyone else.

Kind regards both.


  Chegs ® 19:36 21 Jul 03

I have the Pro version,only I ceased running 98se as everytime I removed anything from my 98 install,my scanner simply refused to work.I have given my 98lite pro to a friend as he still uses 98se,and he has been merrily chopping the bloat out of his install(last time there,he was down to around 200mbs-ish for his OS)and has created images of the chopped install,but is suffering major hassles with other hardware,so hasn't been able to continue the disection of

  Valvegrid 19:42 21 Jul 03

Thanks for the info, did your friend do a clean install?

  Simsy 19:47 21 Jul 03

I've got it running on an OS partition that I use just for graphics work.

It's been solid. Not a single problem since I installed it.



  Chegs ® 19:51 21 Jul 03

Yeah,installed 98se from cdr,no updates,just set to and removed his bits and pieces.He also has a full updated install,that he has also hacked about,also has all the Win Updates on a cdr,so he has more or less covered all bases.

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