anyone used seatools for hard drives

  sunny staines 15:33 07 Jun 07

bought a new 250g seagate ide harddrive seemed to work ok but seatools the seagate own tool for testing harddrives reported it failed a diagnostic test [DST FAIL]. Sent it straight back got the replacement today got exactly the same result. now wondering is it a bad batch of drives or is seatools prone to false failure results.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:58 07 Jun 07

Do a low level format and retest.

  sunny staines 16:37 07 Jun 07

I have been on the phone to novatech the supplier and asked them the check a further replacement prior to sending. not too keen to low level format as not sure where that stands with the guarentee. if the next drive is faulty then its back to maxtor drives, only moved to seagate for the 5 year warranty and the good web tools.

  sunny staines 16:37 07 Jun 07

fruitbat thanks for the reply

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:54 07 Jun 07

A format is a normal HDD operation and therefore will not affect warrenty.

  sunny staines 17:01 07 Jun 07

thanks goto wait now and see if its 3rd time lucky. If things are going to go wrong they always wait till they meeet me.

  Pamy 17:12 07 Jun 07

There is Format and low leval Format I beleive so take care

  pj123 17:43 07 Jun 07

sunny staines, Unfortunately, Maxtor and Seagate are now one and the same.

My PC doesn't like Seagate drives so I only use Maxtor drives. But now they are merged I am hoping that I now have two choices. So far that doesn't appear to be the case, I still can't get a Seagate drive to work on my PC.

  johndrew 19:10 07 Jun 07

I am in the middle of trying to sort a Maxtor 250 drive problem with the help of Seagate using SeaTools.

To date things are not going particularly well and the SMART has tripped (whatever that means) but I have no way of knowing how to enable it again. Should add the drive failed both Short and Long tests but passed the erase (`Z`) using the `A` mode.

Now awaiting Seagate Support again.

  sunny staines 19:21 07 Jun 07

thanks all for the updates, johndrew keep us posted on seagate support. novatech confirmed my first drive was duff with their diagnostics the replacement faulty one is being collected tomorrow, and i thought seagate were the top hdd brand too.

pj123 if your pc does let you access the drive have you tried seagate disk wizard. my xp pro showed the drive in disk management but would not let me access it to set partitions or initialise it. had to use seagate diskwizard for that and to set the partition after that windows could format the drive and access as normal, but seagate seatools still showed the drive DST FAIL.

  johndrew 14:18 08 Jun 07

Got a response from Seagate Support `suggesting` that I replace the drive and offering a number if it`s still in warranty. Given that it is 2 years and 14 days since purchase I think I missed that boat!!

Only thing in my favour is that I don`t have to use them in future. I had two drives in this PC when I bought it new, the first drive to fail lasted just under a year and now the other has gone. I can`t blame Seagate as they didn`t own Maxtor then, but it certainly shakes the confidence in Maxtor.

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