Anyone use Spydefense AntiSpyware

  Halmer 11:43 19 Aug 06

and if so how do you enable it so the it automatically 'real time' protects please.

I have all the relevant boxes ticked but it still loads up as disabled each time so that I have to manually enable it.

  Halmer 18:25 20 Aug 06


  sunny staines 19:03 20 Aug 06

I had this software for a while, when it first came out it was OK but updates were not kept up. I think the makers lost interest in it.

go for A2, EWIDO, or SuperAntispyware. All good at scanning & removing spyware and far better than spydefence.

  Belatucadrus 19:40 20 Aug 06

I also tried and dumped it as there have been no updates since March, The help forum got overrun with porn as nobody was moderating it (now removed completely). Nobody answers e-mail queries and despite the professional looking website, it appears to have been abandoned.
If you want a freebie with real time protection try SpyCatcher Expess click here or Windows Defender click here .

  Halmer 19:47 20 Aug 06

I'll uninstall it and use SCE.

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