Anyone use Rocket for music download

  gudda96 15:20 09 Feb 07

Hi Guys

I have just started using Rocketmp3 for downloading music but some tracks I trid todat said"need more resources, anyone know what that means please?

  big bloke66 15:35 09 Feb 07

What programs have you got running in the background.?

  gudda96 17:44 09 Feb 07

big bloke66

Nothing special, AVG, ZoneAlarm are really the only progs that would be running then.

I must emphasise, I have downloaded plenty, but its only recently that I discovered I can download a few at a time and its just a few that say that.

  big bloke66 18:05 09 Feb 07

Oh so is it Rocketmp3 software thats actually giving you this message.

  gudda96 09:01 10 Feb 07

Yes it is, when I see the tracks downloading near bottom, one or two may say the above

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