Anyone on TalkTalk Loosing their grip on the world

  six-h 22:58 10 Oct 07

I'm almost unable to get anything except Gmail and PC Advisor, and not sure if the world can hear me!!

  Stuartli 23:16 10 Oct 07

Fine here..:-)

  six-h 23:23 10 Oct 07

response from you!!.... ;-))
Will you just bang on the wall, and ask the engineers to turn up the wick on my connection please!!

  Spark6 23:28 10 Oct 07

Sympathy! I know where you're coming from but hold on, return in a couple of days if the wick is not turned up.

  six-h 23:31 10 Oct 07

Think they heard you Stuartli, My connection has just improved I'm actually able to get other sites now!!

  Stuartli 23:34 10 Oct 07

Just occasionally TalkTalk drops a broadband connection from our local exchange - the time involved is short.

I and other TT subscribers tend to believe it's probably further LLU upgrading, a thought boosted by the fact that connection speeds normally improve slightly afterwards.

I'm currently getting between 6.4MB to 7.2MB now, whereas the original LLU connection from March was around 6MB to 6.5MB.

  Stuartli 23:35 10 Oct 07

Glad to learn things are picking up.

  six-h 23:42 10 Oct 07

I've just learned to be satisfied with 3.1MB (when I can get it!)
Just as long as it stays stable, If I try for 4MB or more, I have more down time than up!

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