Anyone know why this error keeps coming up in IE

  bear73 13:49 01 May 09


I keep getting this pop up window when am in some applications in Facebook and i keep losing connection to the server all the time in facebook.


Assert in LSP

g_socket-data.Lookup(s)= = 0


It then gives me the options to Abort, Retry or Ignore. Ignore sometimes works but often the screen just keeps coming up again.

Many thanks

  radi8or 16:47 01 May 09

This any help?

click here

  bear73 14:03 06 May 09

Thanks radi8or

It seems its the add on for the shockwave flash player. I tried to delete it from the manage add ons but it wouldn't let me so I followed the advice and unistalled it and then re-installed it but the problem with the ASSERT in LSP message still appears

Any other ideas? We have 2 pc's and it's fine on the upstairs one that uses XP Home, it's the downstairs one with Vista Home that seems to be the issue.


  Graphicool1 15:43 06 May 09

Check this out... click here

  radi8or 16:07 06 May 09

Further to Graphicool1 post try uninstalling Google Desktop and/or Toolbar and reinstall with latest version if that cures it.

Could try running IE without addons if that doesn't work.

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