Anyone know of a site that'll help to install a ..

  TommyRed 20:39 12 Apr 03

CD-RW? Read somehere that it's not to difficult, but I like to read up before the attempt. BTW it's a Liteon 48x24x48, so if anyone's had any problems fitting theirs, I'd appreciate a post.

  Tj_El 20:45 12 Apr 03

Would this be the 2nd disk drive you'd have in your PC or do you already have a 2nd HDD and/or a CD-R drive?

  TommyRed 21:04 12 Apr 03

I already have a CD drive, but no 2nd HDD or CD-R.

  Simon_P 21:23 12 Apr 03

Look here, click here

There will be what you are looking for it may take a while to find as its a big site.

Also look here for info on your drive, this is a hardware guide!
click here

or type "Liteon 48x24x48 review" into google.

If you put the CDRW as your 2nd CD drive you must set jumpers to "slave"

Recomend you put drive on same IDE bus as your other CD drive.

Puting an optical and magnetic drive on the same bus can cause problems (ie HDD and CD on same IDE bus os a no no) but may still work!

  Kyomii 21:39 12 Apr 03

>>>Recomend you put drive on same IDE bus as your other CD drive<<<

The setup I (and many others) have always used is:

Hard drive - primary master
CDROM/DVDROM - primary slave

The two above share same channel.

CDRW on its own secondary master

The CDRW works better as master on its own channel especially if you intend to do a lot of on-the-fly copying.

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