Anyone know Serif's WebPlus Starter?

  LanceAlot 16:31 PM 28 Aug 12

I've finally managed to build a simple 4 page site but have hit a snag. On each page at the base I've placed buttons for next page, home, etc. But one button link doesn't work. The link on the buttons for page 4 on the first three pages does nothing eventhough I've treble checked the links. All the other buttons' links work.


  SerifDale 11:07 AM 29 Aug 12

Not sure what's going on from your description but I'd be happy to take a look at your WebPlus file, I work for Serif, you can email me at [email protected]


  SerifDale 11:08 AM 29 Aug 12

Lance, one suggestion for the duff button is to 'bring to the top' using your arrange tools so it's guaranteed there are no overlapping objects getting in the way. You can also run the Site Checker to automatically scan for and fix problems, it's in the Tools > Site Manager menu. Or send it over as mentioned.


  LanceAlot 11:42 AM 29 Aug 12

Thanks guys.

I deleted the problem page and inserted another and that seems to have cleared the non-linking.

I do have another prob and have published the site but don't know how to amend once it's 'live'. I'll email to let you know.

  LanceAlot 15:32 PM 30 Aug 12

Just to let you all know Dale has helped me through all probs and now all is ok.


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