Anyone know the Javascrip to disable Image Toolbar

  BlackSapphire 08:56 11 Feb 05

I'm trying to disable the Image Toolbar facility on IE so that no-one can mail or copy some copyrighted pictures I have on a website and I've written the code to disable right clicking functions but now this aggravating little box appears and it just won't be disabled. I know individual users can just turn it off but I need to know what the code is to stop that happening altogether.

Thanks so much everyone

  SANTOS7 09:01 11 Feb 05

click here
hope this helps..........

  BlackSapphire 09:10 11 Feb 05

Tried that last night (and again just now) but when I display my site I get a box which says there is a syntax error and the page is likely to not display properly when it is usually fine, oh and the Image Toolbar is still there after I insert the code - whats going wrong?

  SANTOS7 09:23 11 Feb 05

# Start Internet Explorer
# Navigate on the menu bar through: Tools and select Internet Options.
# Then click on the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Multimedia section.
# Then uncheck the option: Enable Image Toolbar

  BlackSapphire 09:31 11 Feb 05

Doesn't that just turn it off for me (not everyone else)

I'm trying to disable it so that my pictures are protected

  SANTOS7 09:37 11 Feb 05

If you want to turn off Image Toolbar functions for individual pictures on a Web page, use the following <img> syntax for the picture:

<img border="0" src="filename" galleryimg="no">
-- or --
<img border="0" src="filename" galleryimg="false">

If you want to turn off Image Toolbar functions for all pictures on a Web page, add the following <meta> syntax to your Web page:

<meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no">
-- or --
<meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="false">

If you have turned off Image Toolbar functions for all pictures on a Web page, then you can enable them for individual pictures by setting the galleryimg attribute to "yes" or "true", using the following <img> syntax:

<img border="0" src="filename" galleryimg="yes">
-- or --
<img border="0" src="filename" galleryimg="true">

  BlackSapphire 09:44 11 Feb 05

I know this sounds odd to you but this is confusing. I already have my pictutres protected with javascript which stops them being proniuted, downloaded, copied etc but because this Image Toolbar shows up it appears to allow people to do what the javascript was put in to stop. I did post the script you suggested in the palce you suggested and it's just driving me nuts because it won't work. Are the two lots of java conflicting?

  SANTOS7 09:53 11 Feb 05

Not sure now, but i know someone who will know if you can wait till later i will talk to him and i am sure he will come up with the answer for you,or maybe you could start the same thread on the webdesign forum someone there is going to know a lot more than me,sorry cant help anymore at moment..

  BlackSapphire 10:56 11 Feb 05

That would be great, I'll log back in this pm - you are very kind, thank you.

  SANTOS7 18:16 11 Feb 05

click here
I have found this which may help...........

  SANTOS7 19:11 11 Feb 05

Hey black saphire i have spoken to my friend and he seems to think that you need this click here
he is also going to run a test on another script to see if that works and i will post the result as soon as,good luck..........

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