Anyone know a Free PDF to Doc converter?

  danny0001uk 12:05 30 Jan 08

Hi All

Just wonder if anyone has come across a free pdf to doc converter either online or program.

Ive tried click here but with no success!

Can anyone recommend me a pdf to doc converter?

Many Thanks!

  Technotiger 12:15 30 Jan 08
  jack 12:15 30 Jan 08

Depends on your browser of course Mozilla FireFox has plug ins for this I believe

  DieSse 13:38 30 Jan 08

Primo pdf click here

Free - no ads or watermarks added, lots of options as to quality. I use it all the time, never a hiccup. I use the downloaded version, haven't tried the online one (can't see the point really).

  DieSse 13:38 30 Jan 08

Sorry - I misread it the wrong way around - hangs head in shame.

  Taff™ 14:08 30 Jan 08

click here PDF to Word. Download the free version - there are certain limitations on the number of pages but the program is the best I`ve come across.

  interzone55 15:32 30 Jan 08

Do you have a scanner?

If so try the OCR software that came with the scanner, many will convert PDFs to word documents.

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