Anyone know of a converter for a MVM file.?

  ky72 22:06 22 Jan 10

phew ive just created a slideshow with background music & ive saved it BUT the only format it will save in is a MVM.? i want to upload it to YouTube but i cant.? ive tried a couple of progs to convert it but they dont see it on the drive.? help...??

  ashdav 22:22 22 Jan 10

What program did you use to use to create the slideshow ?

  ashdav 22:28 22 Jan 10

I've done some Gooling since the above and MVM files seem to be a fixed feature of Magix.
No other software will recognise these files so I would suggest you use another program to cerate a slideshow.

  ashdav 22:29 22 Jan 10

cerate(?) = create

  ky72 22:30 22 Jan 10

yeah its a MAgfix prog i used! thankx so far guys! i cant state the importance of this video but i can ashure you its for a lot of people who miss something that was demolished in my town ..

  eedcam 10:48 23 Jan 10

Open it in magix again and export it as another format say avi or mpeg

  ky72 12:34 24 Jan 10

eedcam thanks! i found a solution which ISNT clear! i find it hard that software compaies that make such prog's have such limited views on making the software user friendly! you have to click on "Export To" to save it on your desktop which is located on the top of the screen under "File" i think! good bit of software thou! i didnt use instructions so i guess that would not help! but it still should be worded better! why not call it "Save AS" instead of Export to.?? thats what through me!!! thankx anyway!!

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