Anyone help???

  S.A.W 18:24 07 Mar 04

An ongoing lengthy problem with a Time pc package, result....a new tower....however there is a problem. I have misplaced the software to install HP all in one 1205 so cannot use printer. Anyone know what I can do??
If any one can help, please could you let me know thanks

  Valvegrid 18:30 07 Mar 04

You can probably get a printer driver from here:

click here

There is a simple registration procedure to use this site, but well worth it.

  Mat2 18:32 07 Mar 04

Hi S.A.W

Have you tried to get the driver from HP website click here

Have a look under software and drivers.

I hope this helps


  Valvegrid 18:32 07 Mar 04

Not forgetting the HP site itself:

click here

  jg1990 18:33 07 Mar 04

The HP website (click here) has ALL the drivers for their products.

Hope this helps


  jg1990 18:34 07 Mar 04

Sorry Mat2 and Valvegrid, I didnt see your posts

  Valvegrid 18:36 07 Mar 04

Please don't apologise, great minds and all that :-)

  Mat2 18:40 07 Mar 04

I agree with Valvegrid with his sentiments.

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