anyone got a Bootsector virus remover?

  BIGBAGGY 21:14 13 Dec 04
  Graham ® 21:21 13 Dec 04

Not wise to post your Email, it will get harvested for spam.

Please give details of operating system, and what has told you of the virus.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:21 13 Dec 04

McAfee Inc.
click here

Stinger may help.

  Graham ® 21:29 13 Dec 04

Open System in Control Panel.

On the Advanced tab, under Startup and Recovery, click Settings. Under System failure, clear the box Automatic restart, OK.

Now you will get an error message instead of restart.

  BIGBAGGY 23:27 13 Dec 04

I cannot open anything cos it wont boot. It starts to boot WIN XP then switches off and satarts to reboot and so on.
I enabled Virus prtection in Setup and then I tried to reinstall the OS WIN 98 to start but I keep getting a message BOOT VIRUS contunue Y/N

  BIGBAGGY 23:29 13 Dec 04

THE PC gives the message Windows didn't start choose option last good, Safe mode etc tried them all to no avail.

  BIGBAGGY 23:31 13 Dec 04

The STIGER SW is no good cos it works from Windows. I cannot access Windows. I need a BOOT CD I can download and burn to a CD or if someone can send me one.

  TomJerry 00:22 14 Dec 04

click here it has a few virus detection software and many other useful tools.I used many times since it was recommended by a computer magzine (cannot remember which one)

  BIGBAGGY 01:31 14 Dec 04

Hi TomJerry. I downloaded UBCD but how do I get it to act as a Boot CD? I downloaded the zipped version unzipped it to a folder burned all the files to a CD but I cant get it to boot? Any ideas?

  preditor 04:14 14 Dec 04

fdisk has a hidden switch
fdisk/mbr is the command to type nothing appears to happen on screen but it rewrites the master boot record this worked with win 95 and win98
read this article first
click here
also do a google search "fdisk/mbr" and read warnings this is a last resort and you may loose everything and some sites warn you not to use fdisk/mbr
do a google search how to make a xp bootable cd
this site looks promising
click here

  john-232317 08:47 14 Dec 04

I think Stinger can be put on a floppy and run from the A drive.

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