anyone else get this do search on google but

  frankie 18:22 05 Oct 06

anyone else get this do search on google but i was searching for working with fibreglass health issues,and i get nothing like it different finance,advertising,insurance,even porn pages coming up,went through 2 pages all the same nothing related to fibreglass,it says on the link working with fibreglass,click on it but these advertising pages come up...have xp pro,running avg,adaware,spybot,spyware blaster,have scanned them all done a clean up with windows care and crap cleaner,avast and trend online scan,comes up clean,though,has google been got at or what...its not just the fibreglass search i have noticed it lately but not on all the links i,m at a loss thanks for looking

  citadel 18:27 05 Oct 06

i just put the search in and they are all health links.

  postie24 19:12 05 Oct 06

i just tapped in fibre glass health issues on google,and got all the correct links.not sure whats going on with your search frankie

  STREETWORK 19:16 05 Oct 06

Are you saying that Ie has been hijacked and your search is directing you to sites other than that expected?

If so run cwshredder
click here

  VoG II 19:17 05 Oct 06

I'd suggest click here but I don't know why you would be getting this behaviour.

  dukeboxhero 19:18 05 Oct 06

same as postie24 got the correct links

  jolorna 19:33 05 Oct 06

if you work with fibreglass you can go to the click here for details

  frankie 20:06 05 Oct 06

thanks for that got that,,this come up as my son has recently been installing fibrelass type insulation in attics,for two days and today coughed up blood,no mask, so feel it may be down to that very worrying,will have a good read up he now knows to tell doc whats he,s been doing in case,but heres hoping,further to that just typed in this, see what you get up my first one was porn site,,yaesu ft 847 for sale nothing to do with what i want its a ham radio

  frankie 20:08 05 Oct 06

cw shreeder still all clear

  frankie 20:09 05 Oct 06

no change there

  frankie 20:20 05 Oct 06

put that macfee site advisor on as you suggested ,typed this into google, yaesu ft 847 for sale, no commas first one on page is porn that site advisor was green ticked done nothing now this is odd as postie and citadel said theres is fine type in that yaesu ft 847 for sale see what you get thanks

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