Anyone bought this?

  Dumble452 14:53 28 Mar 04

Is it any good?click here

  pj123 15:09 28 Mar 04

Not yet, but that one is top of my list along with the Panasonic (which is almost the same spec but no RAM) the last time I checked the price it was around £90 so £64.62 must be good.

  leo49 16:45 28 Mar 04

Pionereer 107 is down to £77.77 at SVp. I'm sticking out for a black one at £70 - at the rate things are going should only be a few weeks.

  leo49 22:08 28 Mar 04

That SVP has dropped since this morning when I bought some stuff. I bought a black NEC 2500 for £75 a few weeks ago but was too busy to fit it [I know it's a lame excuse but there was a lot going on]so I sold it on to my mate for the same price.I've heard good reports of the Pioneer so I think I'll try that one in a couple of weeks.

  Dumble452 10:18 26 Apr 04

Bought this and am highly delighted with it. Although it is an OEM model it came with screws, leads, manual and software. Was I just lucky?

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