Anyone au fait with MS Publisher

  TommyRed 16:22 27 Apr 04

I've designed some invitations postcard size roughly, 4 fit on a A4 card. The problem is that the edge border on the last two printed is missing making them u/s. I need to know how to fit all 4 on successfully. Been playing around with it on or off for most of the day, but no joy any ideas? OS is XP Home, Office 2000 .TIA TR

  Shas 16:30 27 Apr 04

If it's a patterned border you could try making it a slightly point size. That worked for me on a very similar thing to your postcards.

  Shas 16:31 27 Apr 04

Sorry, that should have read slightly smaller point size. (Phone rang!) :o)

  BigAl127 17:09 27 Apr 04

You could also try adjusting your margins slightly. Dependant on which printer you are using, they don't all print right to the edge of the page(s).

  pj123 17:30 27 Apr 04

Yes, you need to bring your righthand margin in a bit. Most standard printers won't print closer than 5/8 from the right hand side. The way round it is to buy a printer that prints borderless prints. It will print edge to edge printing. Most of the new Epson printers will cope with that. An easier way is to set the page setup to landscape and make a table which is 2 columns and 2 rows and stick within the borders.

  TommyRed 20:42 27 Apr 04

Well, I think I've sorted it by changing the border pattern and reducing the width of the postcard, as I'm not actually using postcards only A4 sheet card. Looked acceptable on the test run on normal A4 paper, couldn't find an option for changing the margins in page setup. Thanks All, TR.

  Djohn 21:07 27 Apr 04

The option for page margins in Publisher is toolbar/Arrange/layout guides. This will give you the choice of altering all 4 margins plus portrait/Landscape. j.

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