Anydvd locking system

  Large JD 10:33 26 Mar 05

Finally built my new system, just installed Clone DVD and Anydvd. Thing is when i start Anydvd, and click on the clone button to select the dvd to copy the system locks.
Any ideas??
Thanks in advance JD

  jakimo 11:35 26 Mar 05
  jimv7 12:50 26 Mar 05

Try dvd shrink instead, works extremely well click here# and its free.

  User-312386 12:51 26 Mar 05

Have you got the latest version?

  Large JD 18:11 26 Mar 05

Cheers for your help, jakimo, jimv7 & madboy33©®, have downloaded latest version, no change. However i have now discovered it may not be Clone or Anydvd, but my dvd rom. I have a new Asus e616p2. it looks like its not reading any discs, any ideas??

  User-312386 22:36 26 Mar 05

Is it recognised in device manager?

  Large JD 13:21 27 Mar 05

Hi madboy33©®, Yes it is. i discovered 1 of the problems, the region setting had not been set, sorted now, R2. The device manager states that the drive is working fine. Have visited the microsoft website to see if an updated driver is required, it's not.
Been doing a bit of trial and error, just diconnected dvd-rom drive and run clone-anydvd, both work fine now.
Any thoughts

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