Anybody want a Lexmark Winwriter 150c printer.

  pj123 17:28 05 Apr 03

Anybody want this printer they can have it for free except for the carriage. bear in mind that even compatible ink cartridges are £14 for black and £15 for colour. I hate to think what Lexmark original cartridges are. Actually, I do know what they are. Lexmark original black is £23.62 and colour is £24.53. I can't justify these prices, considering my Epson printers compatible ink cartridges are £2.50 each.

Obviously, it has to be first come, first served.

But, like I said if anyone wants it just pay the carriage and it is yours.

you can respond here or send me an email.

  pj123 18:55 07 Apr 03

OK, so nobody wants this printer, and I don't blame them. It is now in the bin. The binmen pickup on Friday's. So you have still got a couple of days if you want it.

  Pesala 20:19 07 Apr 03

but you should have crushed it to pieces first, just in case the bin man takes a fancy to it.

I hope your next choice is more satisfactory.

  pj123 21:01 07 Apr 03

This was not my choice. it came with lots and lots of other stuff. like tape streamers, and sound cards and modems and zip drives and external hard drives. I just took the whole bundle.

i have never liked Lexmark printers but I did just try to get it to work.

I am quite happy with my Epson printers, 895, 880 and C42UX. thank you

  3tg 21:06 07 Apr 03

Where please do you get compatibles for £2.50 ?
can you get them for an HP720c ?? Cheers

  pj123 21:14 07 Apr 03

Unfortunately, no. HP cartridges include a new print head with each cartridge.

the cheapest I can find for your printer is

Black £11.95 and colour £16.95.

Looks like you chose the wrong printer.

Cartridges at the above prices are available at the following website: click here

  3tg 21:21 07 Apr 03

I bought a very good printer but you are right that it is the wrong one in view of cartridge prices. I have recently bought Staples compatibles at about the price you quoted but I have not used them yet.I have made a note of your supplier and will try them for my Photosmart100 printer which gobbles up ink !!. Cheers

  pj123 21:45 07 Apr 03

Can't see Photosmart 100 do you mean Photosmart 1000?? If so, they are the same prices as your HP720c.

  pj123 10:25 09 Apr 03

Someone has offered to take this printer now.

So ticked as resolved.

  3tg 19:04 12 Apr 03

Sorry I have not answered your question, HPPhotosmart100 is a small printer dedicated to print 4X6 only, it's been out about 18 months. Incidentally I get excellent results reading straight from the memory card, (no need to use the computer) but it's quite expensive on ink, it takes an HP57 cartridge. Cheers

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