Any way of repairing scratches on Laptop underside

  CLONNEN 18:04 05 Oct 08

My laptop has recently gotten some rather deep scratches on the underside. It is a silver laptop but the underside is mostly black.

Are there any cleaning products that would help me fix these scratches?

Also is there anything I can fix to the underside of the laptop to stop new scratches occurring? Something that won't interfere with the laptop air vents.

  woodchip 18:07 05 Oct 08

You will not be able to remove scratches, You may be able to fit fablon cut to match the laptop but it is a mess to remove after. You may have to just put up with it. Who looks at bottom anyway

  Condom 19:42 05 Oct 08

Earlier this year I saw a second hand shop in Bangkok clearing scratches from the back of i Phones and I was impressed. This was the old i Phone not the present plastic one. He told me that this was something sold by Apple for cleaning scratches off so perhaps this might point you in a likely direction. It certainly worked very well.

  Diemmess 09:21 06 Oct 08

There are all sorts of self adhesive discs about in £1 shops.
I have a pack of them. They are meant as non-skid devices and are black, about 3mm thick.

If you normally lay the laptop on a table and dont mind having 4 studs underneath, these would save further scratches and actually improve the ventilation.

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