Any way to default past Ghost 2002 license screen?

I am a licensed user of Ghost 2002. I love the software, but having to enter my 12 digit product license number every time I run the application is annoying. I've worked around it by making a label on my computer monitor so that the number is right in front of me, but having to enter the number every time I launch the program seems like overkill. Anyone have a solution? Thanks -- Matt

  flecc 19:19 26 Jan 03

That never happened to me with version 2002, have you actually installed it into the system? It loads around 100 items into the registry including the registration details, but of course if you're running it from the command line that won't help.

Alternatively get it's rival, Drive Image, free on the February Computer Shopper CD and none of that hassle, or about £35 for the XP compatible latest version.

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