Any Vista CD rippers using Gracenote ?

  Maiden. 00:04 26 Mar 07

I'd like a CD ripper for my new Vista PC, but I'd like one that will auto search the web for CD name, track names etc to save me the job !

I hear that Gracenote is best for this type of thing - any CD rippers use Gracenote that are Vista compatible ?

Much appreciated

  skidzy 06:56 26 Mar 07

Have you tried Windows media player 11.

  harry12 09:08 26 Mar 07

as skidzy says try Windows Media Player, it will do all you have asked for.

  Maiden. 13:22 26 Mar 07

Thanks both - I tried to rip a CD using Media Player, but it showed only 'track 1, track 2 ...' etc.

Not sure if I have a problem with my version, which is why I was looking for an alternative

  skidzy 15:34 26 Mar 07

When ripping via WMP11,cancel the ripping if it is set to auto rip.Then right click on the cd icon on the left and update album info or find album info.
Obviously you need to be connected the net.

I believe this is what you are asking.

  Kate B 15:54 26 Mar 07

iTunes in Vista automatically queries Gracenote.

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