Any video editing experts around?

  ams4127 06 Jun 12

At my daughter's recent wedding I lent my video camera to a friend with instructions to video the entire ceremony, while I used my still camera. This he did with quite some success. However, there are a few bits where it looks as though he fell in a hole (the ceremony was "Humanist" and took place in a woodland setting).

I intend to edit the movie in Adobe Premier Elements 9.

Is it possible to "lock" the sound track and insert stills of the audience during the editing process, replacing the falling down holes bits?

Thanks in advance for any help.

  johndrew 06 Jun 12

Whilst I don't use Adobe Premier Elements, I know I can do as you are attempting with my (Pinnacle) video editor and feel certain you can also. There are a few tutorials on the Adobe software and free manuals/instructions which may help; have a look at some of these.

  ams4127 06 Jun 12


Just what I needed! Thank you very much.

  hastelloy 07 Jun 12

Right click on the video in timeline mode and you will get a menu. Click on "Unlink Audio and Video". You can then cut the video and delete sections whilst leaving the audio intact (or vice versa). Then put stills into the gaps. You can adjust the length of the still by dragging it longer or shorter.

  chub_tor 07 Jun 12

I recently did exactly as Marvin42 suggested using Serif MoviePlus X6 - I too had to hide some of my "wobbly moments" - next time I will use a tripod!

  Woolwell 07 Jun 12

I too use Serif and would do the same. "next time I will use a tripod" - good idea until you accidentally kick one of the legs, which is what I did!


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