Any update from poster who switched off firewall?

  dagbladet 18:18 14 Jul 04

A while back one of the regular posters decided to run his (spare?) machine without a firewall. Does anyone know what the outcome was?

  Chegs ® 18:45 14 Jul 04

I would presume he/she found the same as me,eg,the PC runs slightly faster(less resources used)the net connection is marginally quicker,and the "hackers" cannot be bothered with a home PC.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:51 14 Jul 04

Have been running mine for nearly 2 years without a firewall and Chegs has summed it all up. Methinks t'was Powerless.


  terminus 18:57 14 Jul 04

really curious about this, are you directly connected to the internet; or are you using routers?


  dagbladet 20:43 14 Jul 04

Interesting thanks

  terminus 20:57 14 Jul 04

Powerless did say he was working behind a router.

And your question did ask about 'spare'computers.

Not having a 'spare' computer myself.

I'm curious about the question. (always bump on the bright side of life)


  powerless 20:59 14 Jul 04

Thanks dagbladet, slips you a fiver ;-)))

I haven't had anything appear on ebay for sale, as far as I am aware my money is well tucked up in the bank.

If Mr and Mrs Hacker were on my PC they were very silent so much so that i didn't hear them.

All virus and the you know what scans found nodda thang, zip, ziltch, nothing, in fact it became tooo stressful as each time nothing was found and still continues not to be found...errr apart from cookies.

But that doesn't that is it's "not there." ;-))

But you never know, who maybe reading what you read before you...

The Truth Is Out There.

Powerless + No firewall = Over and Out!

  powerless 21:01 14 Jul 04

spare, main.

+ Router.

  terminus 21:04 14 Jul 04



  dagbladet 21:08 14 Jul 04

Indeed it was Powerless!

terminus, no mystery to the question, just couldn't remember if it was his one and only machine or an old hack.

Powerless, does the router have some kind of in built protection? Sorry if this is boring.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:13 14 Jul 04

I am connected directly to the net...routers are for girlies & softies ;-)))


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