Any tips to boost WiFi signal?

  Matty P 21:05 13 Nov 06

I'm at a university and we only have wireless in specific parts of my accomodation, but I can just about pick it up in my room.
However, the signal is low (~2 bars), loves to disconnect and sometimes won't even connect at all......but when I go right outside my room it tends to be more consistent although signal strength is similar.

I was wondering if anyone has any easy to follow tips that I can perform help boost my signal in my room (bearing in mind I'm not in control of any router).


  Ashrich 00:52 14 Nov 06

What are you using on the laptop to connect ? Built in , PCMCIA card , USB connector .....also , when you get , say , 2 bars that is only " seeing " the router , the overheads from encryption will decrease the strength of the connection to less still , hence the drop outs . An example of this was today when I delivered a laptop back to a neighbour , I was picking up my own network ( 2 bars ) that was across the road , through at least 5 walls , and at the bottom of their 50ft garden , tried to connect and it dropped immediately .


  dms05 08:40 14 Nov 06

Ashrich is quite correct to ask what hardware you are using. It is possible to add an antenna to some cards and that would give you an increase in sensitivity. It's also possible to add a refector to some antenna. I've also seen DIY solutions for USB dongles that palce the dongle at the focus of a dish made from commonly available items click here

  Matty P 18:24 14 Nov 06

i'm not sure what exactly the thing is that i'm using (i dont know much about computers)...however it is built in to the laptop.

  dms05 08:47 15 Nov 06

It's almost certainly a mini-pci card. Almost no way of improving the signal reception as the antenna is included in the laptop case. You could try a USB WiFi dongle on a USB lead and try moving that around to see if things improve (and even add a refector if that fails).

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