any steam/half life users on vista plz help!

  adetheblade 13:53 13 Jan 09

i cant open any halflife game it just closes itself straight away ive tried a few firewalls but deleted them as they caused more problems ive tried disabling windows firewall makes no difference, this is all happening on a new system ive reinstalled hall half life components no difference anyone any ideas? thanks

  gary2112 15:59 13 Jan 09

hi did you download your games from steam or did you install them from disk.first this is what i would do.install direct x 9 and any updates for 10 .make shore you have the latest drivers for your grafix card and sound card ,all so check you dont have anything running in the back ground as programs can close them selfs down ie virus checkers and things like that ie make shore nothing is scanning your system

  adetheblade 16:03 13 Jan 09

hi mate, i installed half life game on disk then got all updates for falf life tfc etc through steam i reinstalled everything twice im pretty sure all my bits have sufficient drivers as the systems new ill go check what is running in the background before i try again im not sure how i tell what version of direct x im using how do i tell? thanks

if the steam client itself wont open, ie on it's own and not with a game shortcut, make sure steam is closed and not running in task manager, navigate to the steam folder and delete the following files

then try and open steam it will have to update.

  adetheblade 18:29 13 Jan 09

steam opens fine its hwnei try connect to a server, the game opens and then closes within less than a second!

  adetheblade 18:40 13 Jan 09

i cant delete those 2 last files without permission i can change permission in properties but im not sure what to change them to users or administrators?? not sure if that would allow me to delete them?

  adetheblade 18:52 13 Jan 09

forget what i just said ive done it but theres no difference :(

  jegMAN 19:41 13 Jan 09

Hi, I installed steam when I got my Vista PC - my account then kneew I had Half-Life and installed that (are you talking about half life 2? perhaps the original half life is not Vista compatible)

Steam also offered the various others like Blue Shift and some took a while to install, but all work fine.

  adetheblade 19:43 13 Jan 09

no, definetely half life the original i never played half life 2. i have to download the updates even tho i have the original game installed. they did work at one point then half hour later they decided their not going to work anymore and im baffled :(

  jegMAN 19:52 13 Jan 09

For what it's worth I think you'll probably enjoy playing HL2! You can pick it up pretty cheap I think - and assuming your Vista PC is of reasonable spec, you may well be blown away by how good it seems to the original!

I know that doesn't resolve things for you - but the original is getting on a bit now! Even HL2 came out in 2004.

  adetheblade 19:55 13 Jan 09

yeah yer right its been out a while now i did plan on buying it now with my new system it has got some half tidy spec, but now with these problems i cant see me bothering when i cant get the original to work! this is real disheartening man!

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