Any sound card experts

  EJ1947 19:35 15 Sep 05

I have fitted a Creative PCI128 sound card to replace the on board sound. There was a grey cable from the CD/DVD to the motherboard. Should this stay as is or be connected to the new sound card (or is it is nothing to do with sound). System XP home.

  Chegs ® 19:42 15 Sep 05

Its the audio lead from CD drive to the mobo,as you have added a seperate card the lead needs connecting to it(but only if you actually use the PC's optical drive to listen to CD's,and even then if you haven't connected it,the likes of WMP will still play them)

  EJ1947 19:49 15 Sep 05

Thanks Chegs
I do use the CD for listening so I should connect new sound card to CD drive. That right?

  Chegs ® 19:54 15 Sep 05


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