Any program apart from Partition Magic.

  nerawan 22:28 06 Feb 07

Hi. I have P.Magig 8 for about 3 years. Sometimes I have had some problems. I want to know if there is a similar program that could be better. Once I read about another program but can,t remember the name. Thanks

  silverous 22:41 06 Feb 07

What's wrong with partition magic - you don't say?

There are various out there....there's a 'free' one call GPartEd - you can burn it to CD as an ISO.

  vitrocmax 22:46 06 Feb 07

Acronis have a DiskDirector, I haven't used it but I do use their True Image which is a good product.

Amazon have it click here

or you can try it (limited demo)click here

  nerawan 22:52 06 Feb 07

This week I formatted the hard drive and installed win2000. Then make some partitions and then installed winXP. And when reboot I don't get any O.S. Says NTLDR missing.

The thing is , a few months ago I red a review in a magazine about another program that was much better than P.Magic. It allowed to install an O.S. in an external hard drive but I can,t remember the name of that program.

  Arnie 00:02 07 Feb 07
  woodchip 00:15 07 Feb 07

Yes I use Acronis Disc Director Suite 10

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