any maths boffins out there

  timsmith259 18:12 25 Aug 10

What does this symbol mean: >

Can it mean going down and the opposite going up ?

never learnt maths at school apart add, subtract, multiply and divide

be grateful for your wonderful help

  VoG II 18:14 25 Aug 10

It means greater than.

< means less than

  timsmith259 18:14 25 Aug 10

I would be very grateful if you can keep it simple for me, as I am not that intelligent. and thanks again for any help

  timsmith259 18:15 25 Aug 10

thanks VoG

  FungusBoggieman 20:43 25 Aug 10

/\ morethan

sorry i thout this was a car insurance post

sorry i really coulnd`t resist thats my very dry humour


  timsmith259 00:43 26 Aug 10

what a name fungusboggieman what a name

  BT 08:22 26 Aug 10

Obviously a reference to 'Fungus the Bogeyman' a well known character in children's books

click here

No stranger than the numerous names you manage to operate under

  MAT ALAN 09:20 26 Aug 10

/\0/\ = fruitbat

  lotvic 09:36 26 Aug 10

ID ten T = ID10T

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