Any good sugestions?

  futurekid 11:03 17 Aug 06


Soon i will be getting a new computer, but come some of you please make a suggestion on what to go for.

Ie desktop or laptop
and what make would you recommend Ie Dell HP



  ArrGee 11:06 17 Aug 06

What is the primary use for the machine? As a home pc, for work, for family to use, etc?

  futurekid 11:08 17 Aug 06

well it will used for internet word processing and downloading

and will need a reasonable hard drive space for music etc

  ArrGee 11:08 17 Aug 06

Also, what level of budget do you have?

  woodchip 11:20 17 Aug 06

If you are at home, and don't need to take it out. Plenty of room. Get a Desktop as if it goes wrong you can repair with parts of the shelf in most cases. But if a Laptop goes wrong and you are not covered then it will be cheaper to throw it and buy a new one

  futurekid 11:56 17 Aug 06

i would think a budget off 400-500 pounds

  ArrGee 12:25 17 Aug 06

This one seems quite reasonable, particularly with a £100 discount
click here

  ArrGee 12:27 17 Aug 06

Or this one and go for the 19" tft upgrade
click here

  Bogbrain 17:20 17 Aug 06

well it will used for internet word processing and downloading.

Probanly cheaper to upgrade your existing machine isn't it, especially on your budget.

  ArrGee 23:36 17 Aug 06

Upgrading could be a could idea, but from what?

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