Any Exchange gurus? OWA issues

  Kate B 26 Feb 09

Been running Exchange 07 on SBS 08 very happily for a while now but the other day the server hung during an update and I think something messed up then. I now can't access OWA, though Exchange is still merrily sending and receiving email that I can get at with clients such as Outlook, Entourage etc.

Well, I can sort of get at OWA, though I get a plain-text login page that takes me to a very reduced version of my inbox that I can't interact with. All the services are running, I've restarted IIS and SBS Console reports that the OWA website is up. I'm stumped and considering a reinstall of the OS and Exchange as a last resort, which is a time-eating nuisance rather than a complete nightmare, but it would be great if anyone had any further ideas for me to try.

  Forum Editor 27 Feb 09

It's very unusual for OWA to give trouble once it's running, but when it does it's almost always an authentication issue with IIS on the Exchange server. Have you checked that possibility?

  Kate B 28 Feb 09

hi Peter - problem solved thanks to a friend. It wasn't IIS, which I knew as I'd restarted it a couple of times. The server had crashed during an update and the contents of a directory weren't updated, hence the incomplete OWA. Directory reinstated and all running fine again now. Thank you for the suggestion; much appreciated.

  Forum Editor 28 Feb 09

I'm pleased all is well - I know only too well how irritating such things are.


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