Any DVD 64bit version?

  BIGKREM 26 Feb 12

Hi All, At work in the states and had to buy a new laptop,Some of my trusted old progs not interested in the 64 bit set-up. Any DVD for one, really need an equivalent as I cant play UK discs without using one of my 5 changes. Also, devastated that the old Lotus Organiser will not load either, Any Ideas for for free downloads to replace these? As they say here in Alabama, "Preciate it" Cheers Krem

  T0SH 26 Feb 12

Try installing the opensource VLC player and use it to to play your region 2 DVD`s without having to change any settings

Cheers HC

  sharpamat 26 Feb 12

Presume you are useing win 7 to install Lotus do not autorun but open the CD and right click on setup. select use admin , you will get the screen informing you there are known problems select the middle icon and load it I have installed this on 64 bit Win 7 and the D/P of Win 8 without problems

  Miké 26 Feb 12

AnyDVD working fine on my Windows 7 64bit laptop! are you perhaps running an old version?

  BIGKREM 26 Feb 12

Tosh, I will try playing through VLC, ßeta, Any DVD installs perfectly on my machine, it just doesn't work when I insert a region 2 disc ! sharpmat, Yep I installed Lotus from the install exe short cut, I don't have the disc with me, my progs are on an external hdd. I will certainly try that though, as I is installed on a laptop at home, and thats Windows 7 64 bit. Mike, yes it is an old version of any DVD, a quite few years old now I guess, Thanks very much for all your input, will let you know how I get on, Thanks Krem

  eedcam 26 Feb 12

If its an old version of anydvd why have you not updated it they were free until a couple of years ago


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