Any Avid Photographers?

  AdventCalendar 20:19 20 Jan 03
  AdventCalendar 20:19 20 Jan 03

I know this isnt directly a PC question but....

I have printed out a few pictures that i have taken on my recently purchased camera, and i want one or two on the wall in frames...."not a problem" you may say but,.

I am tryin in vain to find a compant online that sells, and stocks the mounting card that goes in the frame above the picture to give it a kind of neat border....does anyone know anywhere, im having a nightmare trying to find places.

many thanks


  bruno 20:34 20 Jan 03

I get mine from an artist's materials shop(in Eastbourne).Not much good if you live in Glasgow,though.

  Old PC man 20:38 20 Jan 03

What you need is called Artboard or Mounting Board, comes in loads of colours, and as Bruno says it is available from art shops. Try someone like Windsor and Newton in you search engine.

  Djohn 20:40 20 Jan 03

click here a good nation wide one and also any small Art or Craft shop should be able to help.

  AdventCalendar 20:40 20 Jan 03

art shops? ok, many thanks - ill try that, ive been looking under - framing, mounting, photographers, accessories, etc....


  Wak 20:45 20 Jan 03

I'd be inclined to look in the Yellow pages for "Stationery Supplies" or "Artist supplies".
There's usually a similar type of shop in most Shopping Malls.
I've found that a sharp craft knife and a steel ruler also come in handy.

  AdventCalendar 20:47 20 Jan 03

windsor & newton dont have em, and Hobbycrafts site is quite poor. :-(

  Djohn 20:52 20 Jan 03

AdventCalendar, took me less than 30 seconds to find what you want, click on framing and the sub category, or take a walk round the virtual store it's pretty good.

  AdventCalendar 21:03 20 Jan 03

Djohn, v.good :-), but you cannot purchase from hobbycraft online, and they dont have a local store anywhere near me :-(

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:30 20 Jan 03

There should be an Art supplies shop near you.


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