Any alternatives to photoshop ?

  quitiraq 06 Jan 09

And does this adobe product REALLY cost $699 to buy?

I simply need to edit avatars (animated and otherwise) and would be very grateful for advice. Free and idiot-proof options are the ones my pocket likes best.

Thanks to anyone who can spare the time to share their knowledge with me.

  Diodorus Siculus 06 Jan 09

The GIMP is a free alternative which is as powerful. click here is very good, free and will do what you want: click here

  Diodorus Siculus 06 Jan 09

click here for working with animated gifs and

  quitiraq 06 Jan 09

Thanks very much Diodorus (who was he btw? I've heard of BiggusDi**us ... but Siculus is a new one to me;)

I'll try them out. I found a site called Picnik but speed reading, couldn't find any Avatar references.


  tobyb121 07 Jan 09

To be honest photoshop isn't the best for editing animated gifs it can create them fine, but adobe make you buy fireworks to edit them, even though photosop is capable of doing itand can be tricked into it, it will not do it natively.
GIMP is often regarded as the best free image editor, so will probably be your best bet.

  quitiraq 07 Jan 09

Cheers Toby, I'll g'ie it a go. Hopefully animated avatars apply too. Thanks for the v. welcome guidance.

  djbenny 12 Jan 09

paint shop pro animation studio was good for animation i thought and its cheaper than adobe software

  123joey123 03 Feb 09

Serif Photo Plus is good and older versions can be purchased quite cheap


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