Any advice on a quiet AGP graphics card?

  Musicalkat 19:18 13 May 09

Hi guys!

I wonder if you could offer me some advice at all?

I recently had to return my Nvidia 6200 258GB to because the fan became faulty and as a replacement, I went for the same card (6200) but with a heatsink.
Unfortunalty, this new card seems a lot slower for some reason, and after doing a bit of reading I get the picture that heatsink cards are sometimes slower....?
Unless it's because this card is low spec? I've seen one with heatsink with 512MB/128bit and fast clock......(*going over my head a bit....)

Anyhow, I think I need an upgrade as the cards were only 64 bit and, while I'm not running major games, (mainly play on consoles) I do like building huuuge stuff filled houses on the Sims 2/Sim City etc and it can struggle a fair bit.

Because of my oldefr PC I'm after an AGP card that is relatively quiet as I also use my PC for music recording and production as a hobby.

My PC is a HP, XP, P4 2.8Ghz with 2 GB Ram installed. I'm sad to say a 250 watt power supply is all it has is this a major issue if I don't go for a top range card?

I have a VGA monitor, but I know I can get a VGA-DVI apdapter if needed.

I can't really go above £0-£80.00....£100.00 at a push....

Also, Nvidia or ATI? I've always had there a major difference??

So far I've seen a PowerColor X1650 Pro 512MB DDR2 with a fan and reports that it will run on 250 watt.....and also a heatsink ASUS 3650 512MB but this gets scary reviews and I'm not sure if either would work on my power???

Any advice or tips on cards or the above would be fabulous!



  citadel 20:30 13 May 09

I would get a new silent psu then a card.

  Marko797 20:47 13 May 09

U'll be struggling on AGP cards, especially with the 250w PSU which u have. They're (AGP) a bit of a rarity these days to be honest. I'd look at the 3850 but check the PSU requirements.

  wjrt 21:51 14 May 09

best agp card is the ati 3850 but about £90 and also needs minimum 450 watt psu

  sunnystaines 06:40 15 May 09

I use gigabyte 7600gs has no fan but uses a heatsink. may not be any good for gaming but does video and photos ok.

its 100% silent.

also look at cpu coolers and PSU for noise too.

  Musicalkat 08:35 15 May 09

Ok that's great! Thanks guys :)

Well, I'm thinking that I should maybe upgrade my 250watt PSU as they are quite cheap and quiet nowadays anyway...

Is there any danger putting say a 500watt PSU into a system that only required a 250watt one then? Or does the hardware just draw what it needs??

Sorry to be a novice here...

Cheers guys


  Musicalkat 08:39 15 May 09

Opps.....EDIT....I'm also running 2 hard drives, to DVD drives and then just my M-Audio Delta and Nvidia 6200 (which I'm replacing)...

  keef66 10:22 15 May 09

You'll be fine with a 500W psu, but don't be tempted to go for a suspiciously cheap one.

  Musicalkat 13:25 15 May 09

Ok! Great guys thanks :)

....I'm just stopping my friend from putting a Radeon 9800 Pro in my machine! I still don't think it will run that at 250watts!!!!

Going to save for either a 3650/3850 and a new PSU...


  citadel 17:28 15 May 09

try and get a psu with the 80% + logo as these save on your electricity bill and use better quality components.

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