Any advice on ebay laptops price?

  Me&U22 10:38 26 May 07

Hi all,

i'm trying to buy a laptop from ebay i'm welling to pay this price from £250.00 - 300.00.

Any advice on good laptop that i can buy from ebay or in another words which is the best laptop for the above price?

Thanks in advance

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:44 26 May 07

Personally I wouldn't touch ebay for laptops. PCWorld have some quite good laptops at a little more than your here


  birdface 10:46 26 May 07

Better sticking to Dell or Pc World or anyone like that,At least you will be able to return it if it goes wrong.

  Bagsey 14:56 26 May 07

Have a look here for very good value machines.
click here

  spuds 15:59 26 May 07

There are some well known companies who have eBay outlets for their return, refurbished and overstocked computer ranges. Usually they will offer a reasonable to good warranty with the usual consumer rights applicable. Buying from that source should be fairly safe.

If its from a private seller, then think 'buyer beware' and take all the necessary precautions and steps, because all sorts of good or bad could result if you do not.

As been already suggested, there are a number of £399.99 laptops available, some with interest free finance deals, which could save money and perhaps turn out as a bargain in the long term.

  Jimmy14 16:32 26 May 07

£299.99 HP Laptop with Windows XP,
click here

£319.97 Toshiba Laptop with Windows Vista Home Basic,
click here

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