antivirus playing up

  //adz_w/// 21 Oct 11

hi, every time i open my browser (Google chrome) my antivirus will pop up and say malicious URL found it does this with every webpage i open or when i type something in Google even this website i don't know what's wrong with it the anti virus is avast free version

  xania 21 Oct 11

Has it always done this or is this a recent change? You could have a damaged file. Try uninstalling and reinstalling and if you still have a problem and no-one can help on this site, I suggest you go to

  //adz_w/// 21 Oct 11

well it expires tomorrow but it started doing it last night continued till today

  spuds 21 Oct 11

Does Avast on your computer do a daily update?.

Have you tried another browser to see if you have the same problem?.

If you do a Google search (Avast stating malicious url), you will find a number of possible causes or solutions. Looks like a corrupt or damaged file problem!.

  //adz_w/// 22 Oct 11

allright well my antivirus has expired so i no longer have anti virus so ill need get another download.

  rdave13 22 Oct 11

I would use Avast's uninstaller utility then reinstall Avast free and register.

  //adz_w/// 22 Oct 11

yeah i was thinking to do that ill pay for it another time

  //adz_w/// 22 Oct 11

following the instructions on the avast website telling me to boot in safe mode but every time i go to do so when i tap f8 it will crash


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