tulix 13:28 20 Apr 03

The age old question of antivirus.I have had avg for some time now but now its stopped working for me. This got me thinking why is there free software for avg and avg you can buy.Wot benefits r there to buy.I did buy a copy of system works 2003 and someone told me that this is not much good.For reasons i no not.Wot should i do use the free ones or use norton system works.Running xp pro.Any ideas. 13:40 20 Apr 03

There is no time limit on the free download. I have been using it for ages, in fact, I dumped Norton for it.

  tulix 13:45 20 Apr 03

i dont no when it loads up on start up it says cannot init language file ?? i did try to reinstall it but no joy

  Belatucadrus 13:50 20 Apr 03

If you buy you get access to the advanced features like scheduling of scans and support from Grisoft. If the free version doesn't work I would doubt the full version would either. It's also worth a look at Avast4 click here another free antivirus, not as widely used on the forum, but has better pass results with virus bulletin.

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