anti virus, spyware, internet query

  dragonfury 12:37 01 Jun 08


Thanks for the info for my last discussion.

New Query:

I have avast (antivirus), windows defender (spyware on computer finder)

Is it best to have one for the interent (alerts you of connection, etc?). If so which program?

besides avg 8, which other antivirus program is next best interms of finding viruses and finishes the scan and tells you how many files affected (rather then avast which finds a virus and you have to click an option to continue so you can not leave it while your out and come back to find it completed and xx amount of virues)

Similar to avg is ideal as this scans and when finished you have options.


  rawprawn 13:00 01 Jun 08

How many AntiVirus programs are you running? You should only use one AV, or you will cause conflicts. Are you getting confused with other "Malware" rather than viruses?
If so SuperAntispyware may be what you are looking for click here

  spuds 13:00 01 Jun 08

In my opinion, there are no 'best' product, because it is the individual persons choice.

Using any product that resolve issues 'while you are out' can lead to other issues perhaps, so I prefer to know what is happening with my computers, and by doing so, I can have certain controls at the time.

I have been using computers for many years, and in all that time I cannot say that I have had any real issues with outside interference. Perhaps I have been very lucky as a very constant daily user of many websites.

All I ever use is Avast and AVG (not on the same computers) Kerrio Sunbelt as a firewall (use to have ZoneAlarm) and Spyware Terminator.Plus (AWC2) Advance Window Care 2 and CCleaner, for general clean-up. Never needed anything more, and all are on personal use freeware arrangements.

Would perhaps mention that the intro about your last discussion may leave some people confused. Best to put a link or offer thanks on the actual thread itself.

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