Anti-virus software package

  sqa 17 Oct 11

Hi - which is the best ant-virus software going around? I would like to purchase a package but not sure how I go about choosing which one?

  Terry Brown 18 Oct 11

AVG free is pretty good.

If you use your computer for online banking, your bank may supply an anti-virus as part of it's package.

Microsoft do their own package (free) or select from this list,or.rgc.rpw.,cf.osb&fp=8508a093d64d2b1e&biw=1024&bih=535


  D4lien 18 Oct 11

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) has been running fine on my PC for a couple of years now.

It's one thing have Anti-Virus software though and another thing using it. People tend to think "Ah well my anti virus is installed so things will be fine" Not always the case. Pay attention to any pop up messages from your AV software and think about the answer rather than just clicking allow...

Remember to check it is updating and run a full scan every week or so. MSE is not a resource hog, unlike other AV offerings, so you can run it in the background when you are doing most things.

I gave up on AVG a while back but people still happily use it.

  mobing 18 Oct 11

some choices like AVG ,Norton etc will be the choice ! you can search and compare them to choose !

  Glowry 18 Oct 11

I Recommend for Norton Anti Virus Program. These are total security programs and also provide the trail feature before selling their product.

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  Terry Brown 19 Oct 11



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