Anti virus/ Firewall

  podlod 10:16 29 Apr 08

Hi, could you please tell me of the latest and best free anti-virus and firewall protection combined at this moment in time, and also one you have to pay for? thanks.

  dogbreath1 10:19 29 Apr 08

For me it's Avast antivirus and ZoneAlarm firewall.

Both free and both excellent.

  johnnyrocker 10:19 29 Apr 08

click here


  johnnyrocker 10:20 29 Apr 08

mine is avast and sygate


  podlod 11:08 29 Apr 08

Hi, dogbreath do they come as a package together, or are they separate?
Johnnyrocker, why did you link me to Google?

  DieSse 11:54 29 Apr 08

"and also one you have to pay for?"

Eset security Suite click here

  johnnyrocker 11:57 29 Apr 08

a further option?


  davidprc 12:32 29 Apr 08

The 'best' is what works on your system.

  podlod 10:38 30 Apr 08

Well thanks for all your help, and now have to decide what to do. Thank you.

  Ditch999 10:42 30 Apr 08

Paid for one: Try Kaspersky Internet Security click here A very good all round package.

  podlod 10:14 01 May 08

Hi Ditch, can I inquire on 2 or 3 points regarding Kaspersky, being that at the moment I have a free anti-virus, firewall etc and at this moment in time it also points out to me that I have over 100,000 threats on my pc, now does this package of Kaspersky eliminate anything that I have on my PC threatning or do I have to purchase something else for that?
Secondly as I live in France I can only pay in Euros, and I want all the info in English also, is this poss?
Last but not least, and this might sound odd, how do I know if I have windows installer? Thanks for any help.

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