Anti-virus Compatability

  jimforrest 10:19 28 Feb 15

Since rebuilding my HDD after a crash, I put Avast on as my Anti-Virus. It seems on the ball (although a trifle annoying with its pop-ups and ringing bells!), but last night I noticed that Windows defender is also running (Win7 64 bit system).

They seem to co-exist ok, but should I turn Defender off on the grounds that it just duplicates what Avast is doing and uses up RAM?

  hastelloy 10:27 28 Feb 15

"should I turn Defender off"

Definitely - they will interfere with each other.

  jimforrest 11:07 28 Feb 15

Thankyou Hastelloy - done it right now!

  robin_x 11:30 28 Feb 15

You can configure the Sounds (and Voices) somewhere.

  jimforrest 11:42 28 Feb 15

Unfortunately Robin you have to pay to turn the pop-ups off. You can limit what they tell you (offers etc), but they must remain on!

  rdave13 12:36 28 Feb 15

If I remember correctly Defender on Win 7 is antimalware only and not an antivirus. So you can run it with Avast. I've used Avast for years but always disable the 'Online Security' in add-ons. Seems to cause problems for me. WOT is an alternative and I also have Malwarebytes premium that does the job.

  john bunyan 12:45 28 Feb 15


I have exactly the same set up as you. I remember the Online security caused a few problems - I think it was "find my iPhone" but cannot exactly recall what it was.

  jimforrest 13:22 28 Feb 15

I can't find any reference to Online Security in Avast. Is it hidden?

  lotvic 13:27 28 Feb 15

I run Windows 7 with Avast (Free version) and have Windows Defender on. No problems running both. Did same on my XP pc.

I also have SpyBlaster installed.

  rdave13 13:27 28 Feb 15

It's in your browser's add-ons. In IE select tools, then Manage add-ons.

  rdave13 13:30 28 Feb 15

Hello lotvic , Defender only changed to an AV in Win 8 onwards.

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