Tablet 12:14 24 Jan 07

A website called "click here"
as invaded my PC, and has parked itself
on the extreme right of my toolbar, and
I don't know how to exterminate it.
Please can you help.


  johndrew 12:20 24 Jan 07

Try click here

If you load McAfee SiteAdvisor click here it will provide an indication of `dodgy` sites - Anti-vermins is one of them.

  Miros 12:21 24 Jan 07

Try this Trojan Hunter free trial it got shut of my Antivermins click here.

But my AVG found traces later and removed them to the virus vault.

Good luck.

  Miros 12:28 24 Jan 07

Actually the traces I refer to are the Trojan Downloader Zlob HHJ which is associated with Antivermins I think.

  Miros 13:08 24 Jan 07

One thing I did do whilst getting shut of it was to disconnect from the internet as I had the impression ( right or wrongly) it was communicating back to it's source.
I also deleted any evidence of it in ZoneAlarm for the same reason even though I had blocked it.

  johndrew 13:50 24 Jan 07

Spybot S&D also deals with Anti-vermins and Zlob and can be updated and used whenever you wish as it`s free.

  Tablet 16:28 24 Jan 07

Thank you for all your help, I really appreciate it. I tried johndrew's solution by downloading and running Spybot. So far it seems to be working.
Once again thank you.


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