anti-surge protector blew up PC

  Jaga58 00:56 02 May 03

A friend has bought a surge protector for his computer of 6 months old, plugged it in switched on at wall, and bang smell of burning. Now there is no life in PC,therefore new PSU, but still nothing, another friend told him that motherboards come with anti-surge protectors?

Any suggestions or comments please

  hugh-265156 01:04 02 May 03

try plugging into another socket/extension see if it works.failing that i beleive if it was used correctly the surge protector run straight from the socket and not from another extension you should be able to claim the cost of the equipment from the it belkin type?should have got info on this with it.

  -pops- 06:24 02 May 03

Was this surge protector of the type that we all know and would recognise i.e. a Belkin or one of that type?

If so, a surge protector is a totally passive device and it cannot inject or supply MORE in its output than was put into it.

I think this blowing up was either a coincidence or there is something more that we haven't been told.

  Tog 07:25 02 May 03

Surge Protectors components can be passive or active depending on type. It's possible for them to be faulty.

Take it up with the vendor of the surge protector. There is at least one make that guarantees replacement of the PC if it fails.

Did the old PSU have a 120V/220V/ selector on it?

  mole44 08:16 02 May 03

lrets hope it was a belkin,expensive ,yes,but you get what you pay for.i use belkin surge protectors for both tv equipment and puter.the garantee gives you toal piece of cheap get cheap,get the best its cheapest in the end.

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