anti static wrist strap

  mimo 21:09 26 Jan 04

hi.i have purchased a static strap from pc world.according to the sales man ,obviously you strap one end around your wrist ,the crocodile clip attaches tp the chassis.fair enough i thought.then he commented you must make sure the tower is plugged into the mains,but switched off.this completed circuit will transfer all static away from the tower.i always thought the tower must be unplugged before opening the case ?.any advice appreciated.thanks mimo

  AubreyS 21:12 26 Jan 04

If its unplugged, you are not connected to earth. Make sure that the earth wire is connected in the mains plug.

  Valvegrid 21:22 26 Jan 04

Yes, you unplug it from the mains, under no circumstances must you work on any equipment while its plug into the mains, the risk is just too great. simply unplug from the mains and clip the croc clip the the chassis of the computer, this will make sure you and the computer are at the same potential, if you want to make sure you have discharged any static, touch some earthed metal work, like a radiator first.

  Belatucadrus 22:23 26 Jan 04

click here if you want to cough up for an earth bonding plug, but that's mainly for long term uses. If it's only for a one off or occasional jobs the radiator should be sufficient.

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