Anti spyware independent comparison

  zeppman 09:55 30 Oct 07

Does anyone know of a site with up todate comparison test table for the best anti spyware.Not a site that is sponsored by a company thaqty has an interest.

  johnnyrocker 09:57 30 Oct 07

it is ,i believe, a matter of preference and what works for one does not for another etc.


  DieSse 11:53 30 Oct 07

Whilst it contains a few useful pointers - it looks very out-of date (the comparison table is a year old) - and there don't seem to be any objective tests.

  zeppman 11:20 31 Oct 07

Is there a list that is up todate to give best anti spyware at the momment

  DieSse 14:43 31 Oct 07

Not that I know of, but the general experiences of members here is that these are all good.

click here

click here

There's a couple from a quick google.

Personally I rely on

eset security suite (includes NOD32 AV) - released 2 days ago.




and basically I don't get any problems.

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