Anti spam - Thunderbird vs 'the rest'

  Jdoki 12:37 09 Feb 06

I've been using Thunderbird as my email client and have found it's anti-spam facility to be pretty good... but a few spam emails still get through to the Inbox.

How does the T'bird spam filter compare to other commerically available or free anti-spam products (such as Mailwasher)?

I also access my personal email at work through a third party web based service, so I generally leave my PC at home running, with T'Bird loaded - It does a spam filter every 5 minutes with instructions to delete the spam from the mail server, so when I view my pop3 account at work through the web service I don't see all the spam.

Any additional anti-spam products would need to either have this functionality, or allow the T'Bird anti-spam to function as normal (would Mailwasher allow this?)

Any advice appreciated.

  Skyver 14:52 09 Feb 06

I used to use K9 click here which uses "Bayes theorem-based email classification" like Thunderbird, but since switching from OE to TBird it's not required. Mailwasher is powerful but you have to make up the rules/add friends/block addresses or domains yourself. Mailwasher will work just as well with TBird.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:00 09 Feb 06

'but a few spam emails still get through to the Inbox'..just delete them and forget it. It takes hardly any time at all. You can get programmes that will stop all spam....but you WILL have important emails deleted at some time or other. If you are getting small amounts of spam it is not worth worrying about nor is it worth going OTT with filters.


  Jdoki 16:00 09 Feb 06

If Bill Gates has never had any spam in his Inbox then neither should I!!! :-)

Thanks for the suggestion Gandalf; if it was a minor issue I would already be following your advice.

Unfortunately some spam that gets through is very inappropriately titled - I'm not prepared to accept it as part and parcel of owning a PC. We do our utmost to elminate malware, spyware and virus's (viri?), and spam should fall in to the same category. I do not ask for it and do not want it.

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