wotbus@ 14:12 05 Nov 07

I have just moved up from an ATI Radeon x800gto VGA to MSI Nvidea 8600gts and this has introduced me to simple OC experimentation but I seem to make things worse if I enable any of the Anti-Alias settings which are Off by default! Just what does this do and surely it should improve things shouldn't it?
I have since discovered an A-A enable/disable in the display settings of my Flight Simulator, and enabling that makes it worse also! With all the hype on the box about the (n)times A-A just when do you use it?

  Technotiger 14:41 05 Nov 07

Hi, in my understanding, AA takes away the 'jaggies' making text edges smooth. In images it can create a halo effect around some objects, it also makes an image appear larger due to the fact that AA also increases the amount of colour pixels - probably why images appear less clear.

When to use AA, hmm, not so easy, I guess that would be down to individual preferences. Perhaps someone else can give a better explanation. But I hope this helps.

  Technotiger 15:31 05 Nov 07

BTW, in FSX I find it looks much better with AA 'switched' on as in this screen grab ..

<a href="click here" target="_blank"><img src="click here" alt=

  wotbus@ 16:00 05 Nov 07

Hi. I have just given my FS9 a bash again and you are right - with it enabled it is much better - but - I have also been tweaking elsewhere so it's not conclusive...
Guess it's just because Lara doesn't look so sexy in the Anniversary demo since I first downloaded it, it's the halo/soft edgey thing around her shoulders and legs :-)
Your post did help Techno, and I am still experimenting. I was hoping for a quick answer as resetting/reloading everything just to check a small setting change is a bit tedious and having to take screenies to double check makes it very laborious indeed.
If anyone runs this game I would be happy to know what settings they use but I realise both rigs and personal preferences differ widely.

  citadel 19:29 05 Nov 07

smoothing out jagged edges takes graphical power, you would probably need a 8800 series card to get decent framerates with aa on.

  Technotiger 20:09 05 Nov 07

I have a G6600, no problem at all with AA on. FSX(DeLuxe) looks much better with it on.

  wotbus@ 20:25 05 Nov 07

My FS9 is really brill now but no plans to go FSX just yet (bit put off by the little wheatabix box cut-out vehicles ;-), but probably later).
I am also playing with the OC features quite a bit, just testing for experience really as not had the chance before. My mobo will OC as well but I haven't tried that yet. I am running a CRT ViewSonic UltraBrite E96f+ on 12x10 although it will handle higher. It gives a good account of itself but I think a TFT would be better suited.
I don't want to turn this into an OC thread but my bog mobo/vga benchmark 10726 with everything else running in the background, so I reckon there is room for improvement.
I will continue experimenting with the A-A features as I have found that the GTR2 demo crashes if I set Full Screen A-A so it's just a question of getting used to all the settings.
Thanks for the feedback and I don't fancy Lara Croft enough to fork out on an 8800 but another 8600GTS will be in the stocking next month for SLI config :-)
Thanks again.

  Technotiger 21:03 05 Nov 07

OK, thanks for the feedback. Cheers.

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