Antec Power supply 'feels' hot and fan slow

  i've no idea 19:08 16 Aug 06


I've built a new pc with an antec case and power supply.
The power supply seems hot to the touch and smells a little (maybe cos it's new?) and when I launch PC Probe it's showing the power fan at running at 0 rpm or sometimes 14 rpm?

Its one of the new overture cases with a 450w power supply.

How do I know if the power supply is TOO hot?

I've left it running for a few days and also used sisoft sandra to burn in.

Should I be worried???

  Belatucadrus 20:21 16 Aug 06

If you're concerned, the best option is probably to deploy the mark one eyeball, open the case (PC not PSU) and confirm the fan's working.

  woodchip 20:24 16 Aug 06

You should be able to hear see if it's working if the fan is at the back top

  i've no idea 21:02 16 Aug 06


The fan is actually at the front and intakes from the bottom of the case. Exhaust at the side so not easy to see if it's working. As I said according to PC probe it just spins now and again.

This is a new type of psu and the fan (apparently) does not work all the time just when needed and is ultra quiet.

How hot should the psu feel? I thought it would just be warm but it's actually quite hot to the touch!

I may take it out of the case and have a quick look but it's a bitch to get out by the look of it!

  Totally-braindead 21:16 16 Aug 06

I would wait and see if anyone else on the Forum has this particular power supply, I think this is the only way to get a proper answer. In the meantime have you considered emailing Antec and asking them? Some companies are absolutly useless at help/support for customers but some are rather good and an email wouldn't cost you anything.
Wish I could help but my PSU is a Tagan one and it only gets slightly warm.

  i've no idea 21:18 16 Aug 06

Thanks. Good point.

I'll drop them a line and see if I get anything back

  i've no idea 21:12 01 Oct 06

I sent this back and they agred it was faulty. Strange though. they didnt want to replace it just give monet back.

  DieSse 22:27 01 Oct 06

Does the power supply have a connector from the PSU to the motherboard for fan monitoring - likely to be a small one as generally used on processor fans?

If not - then the PSU fan is not being monitored and any readings you get are suspect.

  josie mayhem 23:51 01 Oct 06

Maybe not so strange, replacemnt/money back!

Due to how some companies work, they may not give a staight replacement, but due to account/stock handling...

Some companies require that when a faulty item is returned, they return the money to you and you repurchase the same item makes things tally up easier????

I had this run in with pcworld, returned a faulty item expecting it to be a straight replacement, but no the money had to be returned to the card account, and I had to repurchase the item! The problem that day the only card I had on me was my computering account, and guess what it didn't have enough money to repurchase the item that I had returned! I had to make a 30 mile return journey to get the card that did have the money in it to repurchase said item!!!!! I can assure you that I wasn't a happy buuney that day!!!


Ive actually have a debit aaccount that I save in, for all my computer stuff , and that is the one I use when I buy anything to do with my coputing... How sad is that?

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